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City reforms

The organization of Pori is being reformed

The city of Pori is reforming its organizational structure, and at the same time, the role and functions of the city are being thought in a new way. Also management, strategy and brand of Pori are being revised. According to decision, made by the Pori City Council, city departments will be abolished and replaced by five sectors comprising corporate group administration, education and culture, technical sector, the city environment, and social services and health care. The new organizational structure will be introduced in its entirety on 1st of June 2017.

Goal of the reform:

Pori will strongly engage citizens, city’s personnel, business and tourists, as well as attract experts and investors, in creating new in our city. These different target groups will be asked for ideas and thoughts, which are used, for example, for building a new city brand. Opinions of our target groups are also vital in improving daily services.

Reforming of the organization is necessary, because our operational environment is changing fast, as well as citizens’ and customers’ expectations of services in the city. That is why citizens are wanted to be in the core of changes in Pori. The actions according to these changes can be followed in social media with #poriuudistuu (= “Pori reforms", social media content mainly in Finnish).