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For the Visitor
Rosenlew Museum is located at Kuninkaanlahdenkatu 14, on the south bank of river Kokemäenjoki, right off the gates of Aittaluoto industrial area (UPM, Corenso).

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm. The museum is closed on Mondays.

The parking area at Rosenlew Museum is free of charge and has an easy access to the museum entrance. Charter buses are allowed to leave and pick up visitors in front of the main entrance. There is a bicycle park next to the Rosenlew Museum main entrance.

Porin linjat Oy Palvelulinja 1 (Service Route 1) runs along Kuninkaanlahdenkatu and stops at request, also between stops. The distance to the museum entrance from the closest possible Palvelulinja stop is about 50 metres. The museum is at about 15 minutes’ walking distance from Pori Market Square. See route options on the map.

Market Square: 1,0 km (www.porinlinjat.fi)
Coach Station: 1,3 km (www.satakunnanliikenne.fi), (www.matkahuolto.fi)
Railway Station: 2,2 km (www.vr.fi)
Airport: 4,1 km (www.finavia.fi)


The Rosenlew Museum location is a two-storeyed red brick warehouse building. On the flat asphalt-paved yard there is a sculpture which consists of metal-cast letters and a red metal wheel. It reads Rosenlew-museo on the brick wall of the museum. The main entrance can be reached by stairs (5 steps) or a ramp. Next to the main door there is a doorbell, with which the museum staff may be called to assist the visitor e.g. with the door.

The ticket office is on the left after entering the museum. Next to it there is a small museum shop. Straight accross the main entrance there are restrooms for men and women. Women’s restroom is equipped as an accessible restroom and is easily accessed by a ramp.

In the entrance floor of the museum (1st floor) there are also coat racks and a loan pushchair. Also on the first floor there is the space for temporary exhibitions.
The permanent exhibition on the second floor is accessible by stairs or the lift.

Access Information about the Rosenlew Museum


The ticket office is located on the 1st floor of the building, on the left at the entrance.


There is an accessible lift at the Rosenlew Museum.


The coat racks are located straight across from the entrance, on each side of the lift. Occasionally the coat racks must be moved because of the exhibitions and functions. The staff will assist as needed.


There is an accessible restroom at Rosenlew Museum.


The accessible restroom is equipped with a baby changing mat and a potty. The museum has one loan pushchair.


The guided tours can be applied for special groups.


Guide dogs are welcome to the museum. The ticket office will lend a water bowl for guide dogs.


There is a small museum shop at the Rosenlew Museum.

- Personal assistants have free admission to Rosenlew Museum.
- Photography (without flash) is allowed at museum exhibition premises.
- The Rosenlew Museum exhibition premises are accessible. There are two ramps with handrails in the permanent exhibition space.

Further information

Rosenlew Museum Ticket Office tel. +358 (0)2 621 1866, rosenlew-museo@pori.fi