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Permanent Exhibition
The permanent exhibition at Rosenlew Museum presents the products and the operations of the Rosenlew Company (1853 – 1987). Threshers, frying pans, refrigerators, ships, planks, paper, sulphite pulp, electricity, baking yeast, plastic bags. The permanent exhibition at Rosenlew Museum presents an excerpt of a variety of products manufactured by the all-round company owned by the Rosenlew family during its 134-year-old history.


The Rosenlew Company was a great employer in the Satakunta Region and had a wider impact on the local life, for example by offering leisure time activities. Some of the most popular activities were the band activities and sports, where the results reached national records. These issues are covered as their own entities within the exhibition.


At the museum film point one can watch films produced by Rosenlew, such as household appliance commercials from the 1960’s. Multimedia presentations created for the exhibition focus on three products of Pori Machine Works: the Sampo thresher, the locomobile, and the heating oven Porin Matti.


Temporary Exhibitions

In addition to the permanent exhibition, Rosenlew Museum annually offers 2 to 4 temporary exhibitions which mostly cover different aspects of technology or industry. You can find more information on temporary exhibitions here (in Finnish only).