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Porin Matti

The heating oven Porin Matti was one of the best-known Rosenlew machine works products. It was designed in the late 1930’s by Svante Palkola, a technician at Pori machine works.
The oven was first produced in four different sizes. The steel-framed, bricked oven was popular especially after the World Wars in the 1940’s when small heating appliances that consumed little wood were needed.
Timo Sarpaneva, who worked as an industrial designer at Rosenlew, renewed the Porin Matti design in the early 1960’s. The oven hatch became more streamlined, and new colours, red, olive green and gray, were introduced.
Rosenlew renounced the manufacture of Porin Matti ovens in 1974, leaving the Luvia-based Polartherm continue the production of the classic oven until 2002. There is no stopping of a legend: PK-Levy in Nurmes took up Porin Matti production in 2010. This guarantees that Porin Matti ovens will bring warmth to summer cottages and houses even in the future.
The picture shows the Porin Matti model designed by Timo Sarpaneva.


The website on Porin Matti conservation includes a pictorial story of renewing a heating oven (texts in Finnish only).