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The Collections

The Rosenlew Museum collections were gathered by Olavi Koskinen (1921-2012), who worked for the Rosenlew Company from 1941 to 1981.

He started collecting already in the 1960’s after the company managers had authorised him to the task. Alongside his main tasks "Museum Koskinen" toured the factory premises and labeled products and machines as reserved for the museum. The labels read: "Before this item is to be destroyed, altered or moved elsewhere, please inform Olavi Koskinen".

In 2008 Olavi Koskinen was awarded an honorary title by The Society for the Industrial Heritage in Finland for his long-term collection work which enabled the establishment of Rosenlew Museum.


Picture: Pentti Pere, Rosenlew Museum collections

The Rosenlew Museum collections now consist of about 5800 items as well as archive material and photographs which are in some way connected to the history of the Rosenlew Company. The all-round nature of the company is well depicted by the fact that the collections include threshers and plastic bags as well as yeast packages and meat mincers. The heating oven Porin Matti was one of Pori Machine Works’s most popular products.
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The meat mincer Sampo was a long-lived favourite among Rosenlew machine works products.

New objects are still added to the collections.