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Pori Art School offers a wide range of systematically progressing studies in visual arts for children and youth between of age 5-19 years, but also the adults since the year 2007. The teaching is based on the national curriculum for the comprehensive course in visual arts and the Act on basic art education.

The studies are divided in preliminary studies (4-6 years / 60 min per week), basic studies (7-12 years / 2-3 h per week) and advanced studies (13-19 years / 3 h per week). Classes are arranged once in a week during afternoons or evenings. The school is located in two buildings in the centre of Pori.

In preliminary studies and basic studies pupils are exploring different techniques and forms of art, introducing pupils to the possibilities of visual expression. In the advanced studies pupils exercise their skills and visual expression in classes focusing on a specific area of visual arts. Pori Art School offers advanced classes for example in ceramics, drawing and painting, photography, architecture and digital art.


Porin taidekoulu
Gallen-Kallelankatu 10
28100 Pori

Contact information:

Henna Jaatinen
+358 44 701 1257
Web site: www.porintaidekoulu.fi