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The Pori Music Society founded an orchestra in Pori in 1877 out of fifteen amateur musicians playing mostly light and dance music. In 1902 classical music was added to the repertoire.

The Pori City Orchestra, nowadays known as the Pori Sinfonietta, was officially founded in 1938, when the players in the Pori Amateur Orchestra and the Pori Orchestra Society decided to join forces. In the late 1970s all 28 musicians were full-time professionals.

A lively orchestra of a high standard, the Pori Sinfonietta participates in a variety of events in its home city, the surrounding province and other parts of Finland. The regular conductors have included Arvo Airaksinen, Juhani Numminen, Hannu Koivula, Juhani Lamminmäki and Ari Rasilainen. Conductor Petri Sakari was an artistic coordinator during the season 2005–2006 and Jukka Iisakkila was conductor during 2006-2012. Pori Sinfonietta’s conductor as of autumn 2012 is Jan Söderblom.

The latest disc by the Pori Sinfonietta, Deus Protector Noster, of music by Jukka Linkola was released in June 2015.


Yrjönkatu 15 A 5th floor. (Teljäntori)
28100 Pori

Contact information:

+358 2 621 1096
Webpage: www.pori.fi/sinfonietta