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Health and Social Services

Multi-professional work and services based on prevention and the needs of the population are the corner stones of health and social services in the city of Pori.

The Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori promotes and supports the overall well-being, health and safety of the citizens. Services include primary health care, dental care, hospital services, substance abuse and mental health services, rehabilitation services, services for the elderly and disabled, family counseling, adult social work and child protection.

The Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori has 125 health clinics in Pori, Ulvila and Merikarvia. These provide services according to the needs of the clients for 103 000 municipal citizens and are easily accessible. In specific cases services may also be provided at home. Consultation on the telephone and in the internet is also available.

kuva Photo: City of Pori/Marika Virtanen