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The new Emergency Services Training Centre of Western Finland can be utilised to practise accident, rescue and environmental hazard situations in a virtually authentic environment. The Emergency Services Training Centre is already in use and the equipment and operations will be finalised in 2014.

The emergency training area, located next to Pori airport, has been designed and implemented primarily for practising rescue, safety and crisis management skills.

When the Emergency Services Training Centre of Western Finland is completed, it will include for example a chemical accident field, smoke diving field, training hangar and training field for elevated areas, aviation accident field, traffic accident field, mock city, animal rescue area, ship and harbour accident field, crisis management village, wrecked city and appropriate catering, accommodation and social premises.

There will also be a railroad and related level crossings. The practice areas are shaped like city blocks and there will be passageways resembling street views.

Fire simulations in the practice area will be implemented primarily with the help of liquefied petroleum gas and artificial smoke. There will also be a network of liquefied petroleum gas with tanks.

The area’s rescue fields can be used by for example rescue services, contract fire brigades, rescue organisations of industries and institutions, security companies, health and safety academies, various not-for-profit organisations as well as the police, Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard.

The size of the Emergency Services Training Centre of Western Finland is 38 hectares of which approximately 5 hectares will contain buildings. Our address is Ilmailuopistontie 226, 28540 Pori, FINLAND.